Baltimore 14, Buffalo 19

Alright, the Bills did what they needed to do and came away with a nice victory. The game wasn’t very impressive on either side of the ball, but the key part of the game came late in the fourth quarter. Buffalo did what they failed to do against Denver and Dallas by stopping Baltimore on 3 of 4 of their last drives, thus sealing the victory.

Marshawn LynchThe Bills brought out the no-huddle offense for the first time in a good while. Coach Jauron (who is possibly the greatest NFL coach in interviews) said after the game that they tried to use the no-huddle in hopes that it would limit Baltimore’s defense a bit. Since they use so many unique formations and really come at you, the no-huddle seemed to choke that style for Baltimore a bit.

There was good and bad for Buffalo. The good is that they played the style of ball that fits them and finally had a lot of scoring drives. Most of those scores were field goals, but they are points from the offense, and that’s what matters. The defense had another solid game. It wasn’t as impressive as their last two efforts, but it was good enough. Willis McGahee had a great game, rushing for over 100 yards and a big touchdown.

Now, looking forward, the Bills are coming up on the part of the schedule that may be considered the “easy” part of the season. They have a very tough schedule, but here are the next three games: at NY Jets, vs Cincinnati, ant at Miami. They’ve already beat the Jets, but it should be a battle. Cincinnati has struggled this year, and Miami is just plain bad. So hopefully this nice end to a home stand, going 2-1 during that time, will help the Bills move forward with a winning mentality.

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One Last Pregame Thought

One more thought here for you. Don’t let the 4-2 record of the Ravens and the 1-4 record of the Bills fool you. Here’s why:

Baltimore has won against NY Jets, Arizona, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Those records combine for a record of 6-17 at the moment. The teams they lost to are Cincinnati and Cleveland. Those teams combine for a record of 4-7. They haven’t played against a team with any kind of a respectable defense. Don’t expect much at all from their offense this week.

Buffalo beat the NY Jets, who are 1-5, not too impressive. But here’s who they’ve lost to: Denver, Pittsburgh, New England, and Dallas. Those teams have a combined record of 17-5. As we know, two of those games were lost after the game clock expired. Pittsburgh and New England won easily, all the other games were very close and looked like Bills victories.

What does this all mean? Buffalo has been seriously challenged this year and done okay. Baltimore has played non-playoff teams and also done just okay. The edge is heavily on Buffalo’s side.

Week 7: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Willis is just around the corner! The Bills have been home for a month, rested for 2 weeks, and coming off of their most impressive performance of the year, well, for at least 50 minutes or so. I’m pretty excited for this game. The Ravens are possibly the second most banged up team defensively in the league, which is a good break for the Bills. Chris Mcalister is out, McNair is out, Ray Lewis may even sit this one out. That being the case, I have a feeling this could be the game that Lee Evans breaks out this season.

week07.pngHe hasn’t done much, but had 6 receptions against the Jets, even though he went back to one catch against Dallas. I think he’s got his best chance of breaking 100 yards and getting in the end zone this game. I expect Marshawn Lynch to have about the same type of game as he has been having, 80 yards or so and a score.

Kyle Boller is the QB for Baltimore. He just hasn’t produced in a long time and has a terrible road record. McGahee even averages about half as many yards per carry when Boller is handing him the ball. Buffalo’s corners should do just fine against Mason, Clayton, and Williams. Oh, Todd Heap is also likely sitting out. He’s one of the league’s top tight ends. After what Jason Whitten did to the Bills, this is a very good thing for Buffalo.

Possibly the most exciting part of this sure-to-be low scoring affair will be when the special teams units come out onto the field. These are arguably the best two special teams units in the league. Buffalo is first in punt return yards and 7th in kickoff return yards. Baltimore is third in punt return yards and first in kickoff return yards.

Last week, Baltimore sent five balls through the uprights for field goals against the St. Louis Rams. If the Rams can keep the Ravens out of the end zone all but one time, I expect Buffalo to not let them in once. Buffalo’s got a great red zone defense, so I expect a bunch of field goal attempts again.

In the end, I like this game for the Bills. It shouldn’t be a high scoring game at all, but the Bills have more going for them this week than the Ravens.

Prediction: Baltimore 12 | Buffalo 23

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Pre-Baltimore News

I just read the greatest article of this week. Connor Byrne, who has been 5-0 with his picks this year (and as a Bills fan, I’d say he’s very lucky to not be 3-2), gives the Bills a great chance to beat the Ravens.

I’ve got to agree with him. Buffalo has been at home for a month now, coming off a bye week, and they’ve been looking better each week. They’ll be facing Willis McGahee who doesn’t perform too well with Boller or in Ralph Wilson stadium historically. The Bills secondary has surprisingly become one of the stingiest of all the NFL teams.

In other news on the day, Buffalo continued to make some roster moves due to injuries. Craig Nall was released (nice long run there) and Peerless Price was placed on the IR because of neck surgery. We’re all hoping for a speedy and full recovery for Peerless.

Two players got moved onto the active roster: WR Justin Jenkins and QB Gilbran Hamdan. I doubt we’ll hear their names any more this season, but it’s good to know some names.

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Edwards to Start Against Baltimore

Just like coach Dick Jauron said, on Wednesday he made the decision who will start at quarterback for the next game. Due to JP Losman’s fresh injury, he has decided to start Trent Edwards for his third straight start. Edwards is very grateful to make his third start. He has played great so far and I expect him to only get better. He’ll be facing the toughest defense that he has seen as a starter. New England’s defense is arguably better than Baltimore’s, and Edwards did see his first playing time against them, so he should be comfortable against an impressive defense.

edwards01.jpgJP Losman, of course, wants to play, and has been urging the coaches to put him in. He respects their decision though and realizes that it’s the best move for the time being. In college, he came back from the same injury too soon and further hurt it, ending his chance of playing for the rest of the season. He doesn’t want to make that mistake again.

I think this is a great decision by Jauron. Edwards has proven to be an NFL quarterback in his starts, and like I said before, having two young quarterbacks competing to improve each week is never a bad thing. The two have great attitudes toward this situation and it should really help them each get better. Poor Craig Nall.

Source: Edwards Decision Not Permanent

Kevin Everett Walking Update

It’s been a while now since the last Kevin Everett update. I just read today that he has been walking with assistance as part of his rehab program. Here is a quote from the story at

Injured Bills player Kevin Everett has been able to walk to some extent as part of his rehabilitation after suffering a severe spinal cord injury during the team’s season opener, sources tell WIVB-TV in Buffalo.

Doctors in Houston, where Everett’s rehab has been ongoing since mid-September, are optimistic that once Everett completes his rehab he will regain his ability to walk independently, the station reports.

This is wonderful news. No more details were given about the remainder of his rehabilitation program, but he seems to be progressing daily. Even though the news has slowed down, the optimism of this story hasn’t. Keep at it Kevin, we’re all behind you.

Source: Report: Injured Bills tight end has walked ‘to an extent’

McGahee is Coming to Town

Well this weekend was a nice break from the stressful games that have been taking place for Buffalo this season. I’m sure it has also been a nice Sunday break for Bills’ defensive players as well, since they are so undermanned. This upcoming game should be another great one. I’ll save the preview for later, but I will say that I’m expecting good things. The Bills haven’t had to go on a road trip for a game in a month, so they should be pretty comfortable right now.

Of course, the focus of the upcoming game will be Willis McGahee’s return to Buffalo. While he played for the Bills, he put up decent numbers, but struggled to get into the end zone. He’s shown to be roughly the same player in Baltimore: a good solid running back that struggles to score. The Bills, on the other hand, now have a back who is putting up good yards but managing to score in three out of five games so far. Don’t expect Buffalo fans to give Willis a very kind welcome on Sunday. Willis expressed how he didn’t enjoy being in Buffalo, and no sports fans like to hear that from one of their teams’ players.

Last week the Bills were in a great mental place going into the Monday night game. This week, I’m hoping that they will remember all the success the defense had against Dallas, and stay excited to face Baltimore. Their offense has struggled throughout the year, and Buffalo has had one of the better red zone defenses in the league. With McGahee’s lack of red zone production over his career, I don’t expect him to run for six on Sunday. Looks like Matt Stover will have to just keep kicking field goals.

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JP Losman Returns to Practice

Yesterday, October 10, JP Losman returned to practice with the Buffalo Bills. Trent Edwards did great in JP’s absence, and may still start against Baltimore. Coach Dick Jauron said that nothing has been decided yet as to who will start that game. JP was a bit tentative with his play, of course wanting to take extra care of his knee. Word is that he feels great, and is just happy to get back out on the field.

He’s got plenty of time to get strength back into the knee and get his rhythm back. In the video below, courtesy of, Lee Evans says that JP has earned the starting job, and really should be thrown to the bench because of Trent’s good performance. If anything, this excites me as a fan. I know JP and Trent both get along well, but you know there has to be some competition in both of them for that starting job. These situations usually seem to either break teams up, or make both players stronger. With the character of these two guys, I figure it will server the latter purpose, and we should see a better Bills offense throughout the remainder of the season.

With that, enjoy this short video showing JP back in action:
Download link

Dallas 25, Buffalo 24

Well, I’ve had a day now to get out of the mood that the last second loss put me in. I can’t imagine how the players feel. I’ve kind of gone over the game already, and I hope most people were watching, for it was one of the greatest regular season games I’ve ever seen. So I’ll take this chance to look at some positives and negatives of the game.

billieve01.jpgLet’s start with what weaknesses the Bills can take from this game and improve upon. First off, the offense finally had the ball longer than the opposition’s offense. That’s huge, but obviously not enough to win. Points need to come from offensive drives, period. Trent Edwards has put together some great drives in his short 2½ game career. Last night, he just made one unfortunately timed mistake when he was at the end of a great drive. There were many “if only” moments last night, so I won’t dwell on those. So this first point is that the Bills offense really needs to finish the drives with points.

Now, there are a lot of positive things to take from this game. The defense and special teams did awesome, with the one exception being the perfectly executed onside kick by Dallas. Great defense, great special teams. In the first three weeks, the Bills allowed over 100 rushing yards in each game. The last two weeks, they’ve allowed 60 and 76. Great improvement. We really can’t ask for anything more. The only thing I would hope for is to see that kind of energy in less hyped games throughout the season. They looked incredible out there!

Speaking of that emotion, Buffalo showed that they have what it takes on the inside to compete with any NFL team. They had third string guys in the secondary, and less than halfway through the first quarter, one of those players, George Wilson, picked off Tony Romo and ran it in for 6. Amazing work ethic and courage was on display last night. I hope they look at that game, realize what they are capable of doing, and try to match that focus and intensity each game for the remainder of the season.

Even with the devastating loss, even though many feel as though the Bills should be 3-2 right now, even with all the injuries, the Bills, I think, have a great season ahead of them. They can compete, they can work together, and they can win. They’ve got a bye week coming up, then Willis comes to town. I look forward to Willis continuing to avoid the end zones in Buffalo.

What It’s Like to be a Bills Fan

I usually do a game recap now, but I’m going to wait on this one until I’m in a stable mental state. Tonight’s game against Dallas was incredible. I guess I know how Arizona fans felt last year against Chicago. Here’s what I was doing during the game:

4th Down, Moorman fakes the punt and runs for a first down.
Yes!!! As soon as I see Moorman take the first step, I get up off the couch, shouted “Yeah!” and jump up and down when he gets the first down.

Moorman’s punt hits the corner perfectly.
Nice, I realize this is what the Bills need to do for a chance. I start hoping for a safety.

George Wilson intercepts Romo’s pass and runs it in for a touchdown. Bills up 7-0.
Laughing, screaming, jumping, yeah yeah yeah! Bills are up 7-0! All that pre-game hype and praise (over an hour) of Romo is out the window! Go Bills!

Crowell intercepts Romo’s pass.
More laughing and screaming, this time with clapping and hopes of another TD.

Romo to Witten for a TD. 7-7
Eh, that’s okay, knew it would happen. Just hoping Buffalo doesn’t let it bring them down.

Bills put together a great drive, end with a field goal. 10-7
Just happy to see the Bills put a scoring drive together on offense. Hoping the defense doesn’t do all the scoring.

Chris Kelsay tips another Romo pass and catches it for a touchdown! 17-7
Holy cow! I start yelling “Yeah!” again and again. Beginning to feel in disbelief that this is actually happening. The Bills are beating one of the hottest teams 17-10! Amazing!

Jabari Greer picks off yet another Romo pass, his fourth INT.
Wow! Jabari does it again. This time I call my Dad, a Cowboys fan, to ask if this is really happening. He says he changed the channel to a Friends rerun, and hangs up. I just laugh, this is GREAT!

Lindell misses a FG, Folk makes one. 17-10
Shoot. I was hoping for a 24-7 lead going into halftime. Bills still have decent momentum though. I’m a little worried about the second half, as the Bills are a first half team and Dallas is a second half team.

Another Folk field goal. 17-13
I get a text from Dad: “4 point game!” I text back “11 point game after this kickoff.” Dead serious on that one, I figured it was time for a special teams play. I also told my friend watching with me to look for a touchdown here.

Terrence McGee does what he does so well, 103 yard TD! 24-13
Haha! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woooo! I love that kid! Terrence is so fast, and we’ve got Roscoe too! Oh man, the Bills just might keep this up! Yeah!!!

Another Folk field goal. 24-16
It’s okay. No touchdown, that’s good. Let them keep knocking in field goals. Still happy.

Romo fumbles, Bills lineman Kyle Williams recovers.
Haha! Romo is having a complete collapse! I’m wondering when they’re going to pull him. I start thinking this is the greatest game ever!

Edwards throws an interception, it gets returned a LONG way.
Shoot. I was really thinking they’d get in the end zone on that one. Dang it. Great job by Lee Evans to chase it down, and Edwards almost snuck in to get the fumble at the end of the play. Time for another interception please. I text my Dad again “I love back to back interceptions. I’m ready for one here.”

After one play, Romo throws his fifth interception.
No way! Hahaha! I can’t believe it! This is way too good to be true. I showed the text to my friend watching the game. I’m 2 for 2 with predictions, sweet! Go Bills!

Bills go 3 and out, Romo drives the field and hits Crayton for a TD. 24-22
Uh oh. At least they still need a 2 point conversion. And even if they get that, it’s a tie. Come on Bills!

Greer defends TO perfectly, breaking up the 2 pointer.
I grabbed my blanket off the couch, threw it on the ground as I’m jumping up and down “They did it! Bills are gonna win!” Then I realize they’ll try an onside kick. I get a text from my Dad “Bills won, congratulations.” I text back “No jinx please.”

Onside kick is successful, Cowboys get a last second FG and win by 1. 24-25
Blank stare at the tv. Memories of what it’s like to be a Bills fan when they are playing Dallas on national TV. All my energy is gone, my throat hurts from screaming. I wouldn’t have noticed that if they had won. They lost. The Bills destroyed Romo, scored three touchdowns by defensive players, actually had the ball longer than Dallas, played a miraculous game, and lost. How did that happen? They’ve lost two games this year without trailing when time is on the clock. They should be 3-2, with only losses to the Steelers and Patriots. But now they are 1-4. Why? Why did this happen? Why?