Well hello there! Since you’ve clicked over here to this about page, I’ll try to enhance your mind with some amazing information that will forever change your life! Okay, maybe not, but at least you should have a slightly better idea of who it is behind the keyboard on this Buffalo Bills blog.

BillyLike my favorite team, the only team to ever win 4 straight Conference Championships in NFL history, the Buffalo Bills, my name is Bill. It’s actually William, and I go by Billy, since my Father gave me his great name and is known as Bill. I’m a single guy around 30 years old, from Oregon, now living in Saint George, Utah. I became a Bills fan back in the glory years. Yes, I started out as a band wagon fan, but I couldn’t jump off of it like many people did after a couple dropped Super Bowls. That no huddle offense of Jim Kelly’s was just too exciting. And with the likes of Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, and the guy who always got hit the hardest in the league, Don Beebe, how could I give up on them?

Each year I get new excitement about the possibilities of another playoff berth…it will happen soon enough. So that’s about all I feel anybody would really care to know. Thanks for checking out my blog, hopefully it doesn’t bore you to death. GO BILLS!