2007 Was A Wild Year

Well, I have slacked quite a bit on this blog, I apologize to any readers about that. The Bills finished the season at 7-9, which is 2 wins shy of what my most optimistic prediction. Considering everything that they went through this year, that is pretty impressive.

Kevin Everett has recovered to the point where he is now walking under his own strength. That is by far the best story of the season, just the fact that he overcame a possible life threatening injury.

This season marked the emergence of many rookies for the Bills, with a few shining above the rest. Trent Edwards earned a permanent job at the starting QB position with rookie sensation Marshawn Lynch at running back. Paul Posluszny got injured early in the season, but he showed a lot of promise as the possible future core of the Bills’ defense.

So, all in all, I consider it a good year. Even if the Bills had made the playoffs, it really just would’ve ended up in disappointment, and they’d have got a later draft pick. They ended up with the 12th pick in the 2008 draft. They can get another solid player at that position, and if everybody’s healed up, next year should be fun. I’m hoping for a year like my other favorite team, which is in the NBA, the Blazers. Both teams have a lot of smart young players who have shown great promise.

Marv Levy has now resigned, and getting a new team president always affects the team. Let’s hope that his replacement will be able to affect the team for the better. I may post on and off during the offseason. In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my sunny new home in Florida!