Buffalo 0, Cleveland 8

Well it was a fun game to watch if you like watching games in bad weather. The only problem was that there wasn’t much offense. Jamal Lewis ran all over the Bills D and put Cleveland in position to get a couple field goals and win the game. Brian Moorman continued to show why he’s the greatest punter in the league. He’s smart and quick. He ran a fake punt again for another first down, but then had to attempt a punt after the Bills couldn’t produce a first down. When the ball got snapped over Brian’s head, he didn’t mess around with trying to pick the ball up, he just did the smart thing and booted it out of the end zone.

So now the Bills are out of the playoffs. I’m not sure if they’re mathematically eliminated, but they are out of the race logically. It was a great season I’d say. I was being very optimistic when I predicted a 9-7 record, and it still looks like they may hit that mark. They have 2 NFC East opponents left though, who want to win for position in the post season. I think the Bills will win at least one of the 2. The Giants are known to choke late in the season, so we’ll see.