Buffalo 17, Washington 16

Alright, the Bills got their second straight victory (separated by 2 losses) on a game winning field goal! I’m on the road at the moment, so this will be a nice short post. Buffalo’s defense did well, getting a safety early on. That proved to be the difference in a game where Rian Lindell had a great day, going 5-5 on field goals, including his 10th game winning field goal.

The end of the game was typical of this year. Lindell kicked a 51 yarder for the win, but Skins coach Joe Gibbs had called a time out right before the snap. So Buffalo was set to do it again, then Gibbs called another time out. You can’t do that, so Washington got penalized 15 yards, and Lindell only had to kick a 36 yarder for the win, which he did.

There wasn’t a lot of offense in the game, but Buffalo had a pair of big plays – a nice bobbling catch by Lee Evans and a big run after a catch by Fred Jackson.

This is great news for Buffalo. It’s looking like they could end up around the 9-7 record I’ve been feeling for them. But, making the playoffs would almost be more devastating than missing them this year. They’d likely face a team like Pittsburgh in the first round, which they might win, but then go on to see Indy or New England. That probably wouldn’t work out too well.

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