Bills May Start Another Rookie

Due to more injuries, this time to a pair of Bills running backs, another Buffalo rookie may get his first start this week. Running back Fred Jackson, who has played just a few plays here and there, may get the nod at the beginning of this week’s game against Washington.

Marshawn Lynch is still working on overcoming a sprained ankle, and last week Anthony Thomas strained his calf against the Jags. At this point, it’s not clear how the two will be come game time. Backing up Jackson would be fellow rookie Dwayne Wright. This is a great chance for them to shine next to rookie Trent Edwards.

With all these injuries, a lot of rookies are getting great experience. It will make for an interesting year in 2008. Most of the Bills starters are young guys anyway, just in their first few years as a pro in the NFL. So when those guys heal up, they will have to contend for their starting jobs with this year’s rookies. I think that’s not a bad deal at all for the Bills. Instead of having veterans focusing on their own games, maybe showing the rooks a thing or two, each week will have almost everybody on the roster battling for the starting position.

In sports, some competition from a teammate is often what pushes guys to play at the next level. Obviously, Buffalo’s got a long ways to go to get to the “upper echelon” of the NFL’s teams, but with all this experience early on, I like their chances a couple years down the road.

So, go Fred and Dwayne! Good luck this week against a pretty good Washington defense.