Score as Much as Possible

Apparently after the 46 point blowout that New England shellacked upon Buffalo, some people have complained about running up the score. So, here’s what I have to say about the topic…and perhaps as a fan of the team who got destroyed, this spiel may have some validity to it.

My stand on this is the same as it has always been. Sports exist for entertainment. There are many other great side effects, but when you boil it down, that’s why they are there. In most cases, it’s more fun to watch scoring than non-scoring. So why would anybody ever get mad about a team trying to score? After all, that’s the point of the game, to score points and win. There’s no limit to how many points can be scored. It’s supposed to be the opposing defense that limits that number. If the defense isn’t good enough that game to stop an incredible amount of scoring, that’s just too bad, they should step it up.

I really don’t see the point in getting upset at the winning team in a big blowout because they performed the best they knew how. Professional athletes hear complaints about not caring enough and that they just play for money, then they have to hear complaints about playing too hard when they score a lot of points. There’s a critic for everything out there, so I say just play the game and do what you do best. If you can score 100 in a football game, I say go for it. That would be an awesome feat to see.

So I don’t blame the Patriots one bit for scoring 56 against the Bills. They probably should have scored 63 or 70, but they held back because they probably didn’t want to get ridiculed by the media and fans who just don’t understand. So to the Patriots and any other team who will win in blowouts, I say try to score as much as you can, you earned it!