New England 1,000,000, Buffalo 10

I think that was the score of the game. Man, the Bills couldn’t even slow down the Patriots on Sunday night! I guess I should be happy that Buffalo managed to get 10 points up. That field goal was pretty neat, how it bounced off of the camera and back into the field. The refs did a better job of getting that right immediately than the refs in the earlier Browns/Ravens game.

So this blog post is coming from the road right now. I’m traveling to the parents’ house for Thanksgiving, so my mind is in more turkey mode than football mode. But enough about me, let’s forget that mess of a game and look to the rest of the Bills’ season.

I could see them going 4-2, thus ending with possibly the most frustrating record for an AFC team of 9-7. Typically that won’t get you into the playoffs in the AFC, where 8-8 will get you in on the NFC side. The two losses I figure will come against the Jags and Giants with wins against Miami, Cleveland, Philly, and Washington.

So, a possible 2 game losing skid coming up, but the Bills usually end the season well, so I’m excited about that. I’ll try to get some more posts up before the big food day, but it’s never too early to wish people a Happy Thanksgiving!