Week 11: New England at Buffalo

Well, here we go again. Big game, big crowd, big national audience. Buffalo is playing on Sunday night football! Woohoo!

There’s not a lot more to this game on paper other than the fact that New England is 9-0, Buffalo is 5-4, and the Patriots have dominated the Bills for many years. But games aren’t played on paper.

Bills vs PatriotsThe Buffalo home crowd is awesome, and they will step up to get right in the ears of all the Patriots’ offensive players. Could that be enough to get Brady to throw more interceptions in this game than he has all season? Hopefully. Will the crowd get the Bills players pumped up enough to be able to run back a kick or two for a score? Definitely. Will that happen? I’ll give it a probably. Will JP finally be able to put up a good performance against the Pats without the star rookie RB in Marshawn Lynch? He’ll have to for a W here.

So what should we look for in this game? The obvious would be Brady calmly throwing for 350 yards and around 4 touchdowns and a lot of 3-and-out drives for Buffalo. I don’t think the obvious will happen. Believe it or not, the Patriots aren’t the only team trying to keep a perfect record going. I just read that Buffalo is 5-0 all time at home on Sunday night, so why not 6-0? As we know, no team other than the ’72 Dolphins have put together a perfect season, and in today’s game, that is almost impossible. It looks like New England could do it, but they are yet to have an off game. Why not on Sunday?

Buffalo historically steps up in big occasions (Super Bowls excluded) to give tough teams a run for their money. I’m keeping this optimistic, although I really don’t expect it to happen, but hey, why not?

Prediction: New England 16 | Buffalo 17

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