Lynch Banged Up, Losman Starting Again

The Sunday night game against New England is still 4 days away, and more of the same stuff is plaguing the Bills. Marshawn Lynch’s ankle remains in a good deal of pain from the end of the game in Miami. Coach Dick Jauron isn’t overly confident that the rookie RB will be able to suit up against the Patriots. In that case, Buffalo will likely go to a 2 or 3 running back plan. They’ll make use of rookie Dwayne Wright along with veteran Anthony Thomas, the A-train.

lynch-ankle.jpgJP Losman has earned another start this time around. He’s faced the Patriots a handful of times in his career, never coming out on top. Right now, the Bills are on a nice winning streak, but they’re winning ugly. A couple weeks ago, the Colts put up an impressive performance against New England, and they still lost the game. The Bills have yet to really put up anything that could be called an impressive offensive performance. Lee Evans has had a couple big catches, and Marshawn a couple medium length runs, but other than that, there hasn’t been much to show.

Right now, I’m enjoying the 4 game winning streak and looking forward to beginning a new one after the New England game. But hey, at least it’ll be on television!

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