Buffalo 13, Miami 10

The Bills have had some very exciting games and some very dull games this year. The game against the Dolphins was a little of both. In an excruciatingly slow first half, the only score was made on a Miami field goal. The Bills were not looking good at all against one of the league’s worst defenses.

In the second half, the Bills put up a whopping 2 points when they sacked Miami’s quarterback, Cleo Lemon, in the end zone for a safety. The Bills gave the ball up quickly after that, and Miami went on to score a touchdown. Finally, with just over 5 minutes left in the game, Marshawn Lynch broke through the defensive line for a touchdown. Being down 8-10 at that point, Lynch got the ball again for a 2 point conversion.

So now the game was a bit exciting. Buffalo was able to put together a late game drive to set up Rian Lindell for what ended up being his eighth career game-winning field goal.

Lynch left the game late with a sprained ankle. He’s having an MRI today to see if there is anything to be concerned about with the ankle.

So, what does this mean? Well, first off, the Bills are the second hottest team in the league right now with a 4 game winning streak. They’re tied with Green Bay at 4. The hottest team is of course New England with a streak of 9 wins. That’s who Buffalo plays next, awesome. I hope they got the poor offensive play out of their system. They also let Miami’s backup running back run all over the place, not too good.

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