Bills Game Moved to Prime Time

The next two opponents for Buffalo are AFC East division foes. Miami followed by New England. The New England game was originally planned to take place as a Sunday morning game, but because the Bills are so totally awesome, the game got moved to the Sunday night slot! I guess there’s a slim chance that the actual reason is the 9-0 record of New England, but hey, the Bills put up the wildest game in prime time this year, so why not?

I’m excited about this game, but really don’t have much expectation from Buffalo on it. The Dallas game was one thing, the Patriots are at a whole different level. I believe Buffalo will be every bit as mentally prepared for the Pats as they were for the Cowboys, but Bill Belichick gets his players mentally ready better than any coach in the NFL. I don’t expect it to be close, but it should be entertaining for at least the first quarter.

Source: Unbeaten New England gets prime-time date at Buffalo