Cincinnati 21, Buffalo 33

Alright, they came through again! The Bills took care of business just like I expected them to do. Marshawn finally had his big breakout run (after an awesome broken tackle) for a big 56 yard touchdown run. That was the last score of the game. Only a few minutes before that, he had his first career pass for a touchdown to tight end Robert Royal. I was watching stats of the game, since it wasn’t televised here, and I was very confused when I saw that Lynch got a TD and so did Royal. After a minute of confusion, waiting for the stats to get corrected, I noticed that Marshawn’s TD was a passing one, crazy!

JP and Lee finally got their connection working again in full swing, connecting 9 times for 165 yards and a touchdown. That was by far the duo’s best game of the season. The game was close in the first half after a big kick return for a touchdown, but Buffalo came out in the second half and really closed the game out like they needed.

It’s great to see the Bills finally putting it together. Their latest performances have earned them something very exciting in a couple weeks. I’ll save that post for tomorrow, but it’s very exciting news!

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