Edwards Will Start Against Jets

Hey, he beat them last time, so why not again? Today, coach Dick Jauron named Trent Edwards as the week 8 starter in their road game versus the Jets. Trent showed great poise last week in the no-huddle offense, which may be a more regular addition to the Bills offense. Naturally, us Bills fans are hoping that it will indeed become a regular part of the offense, since Jim Kelly was the no-huddle wizard in the glory days of the early 90’s.

Now, how about JP in all of this? By now, he’s pretty close to 100% healthy. When he met with the press, the decision was too fresh for JP to really comment. He said that he wants to let it sink in for a bit before he decides how to react. He told coach that he’s okay with the decision when he was notified of the news. Coach Jauron is a great guy. He knows how to deal with people and players with honesty and seems to explain situations very clearly.

With all of that, JP will obviously be bummed out about losing his starting job again. At the moment, this is just a weekly decision again, so the job is up for grabs in the following game. It’s got to be tough for him, but Trent has won 2 of 3 games which he has started. It is arguable that his lack of scoring led to their one loss against Dallas, but JP really hasn’t shown signs that he would have done any better.

So, I think it’s a good move to go with Edwards again. This is a great chance to see how he will do against a defense who has seen him before, and one he has scored on before. If he leads some scoring drives again, I don’t expect him to lose the job any time soon. If he fails to find the end zone, however, JP may get the go next week against Cincinnati. It’s some drama, but good drama for the Bills organization.

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