Baltimore 14, Buffalo 19

Alright, the Bills did what they needed to do and came away with a nice victory. The game wasn’t very impressive on either side of the ball, but the key part of the game came late in the fourth quarter. Buffalo did what they failed to do against Denver and Dallas by stopping Baltimore on 3 of 4 of their last drives, thus sealing the victory.

Marshawn LynchThe Bills brought out the no-huddle offense for the first time in a good while. Coach Jauron (who is possibly the greatest NFL coach in interviews) said after the game that they tried to use the no-huddle in hopes that it would limit Baltimore’s defense a bit. Since they use so many unique formations and really come at you, the no-huddle seemed to choke that style for Baltimore a bit.

There was good and bad for Buffalo. The good is that they played the style of ball that fits them and finally had a lot of scoring drives. Most of those scores were field goals, but they are points from the offense, and that’s what matters. The defense had another solid game. It wasn’t as impressive as their last two efforts, but it was good enough. Willis McGahee had a great game, rushing for over 100 yards and a big touchdown.

Now, looking forward, the Bills are coming up on the part of the schedule that may be considered the “easy” part of the season. They have a very tough schedule, but here are the next three games: at NY Jets, vs Cincinnati, ant at Miami. They’ve already beat the Jets, but it should be a battle. Cincinnati has struggled this year, and Miami is just plain bad. So hopefully this nice end to a home stand, going 2-1 during that time, will help the Bills move forward with a winning mentality.

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