Week 7: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Willis is just around the corner! The Bills have been home for a month, rested for 2 weeks, and coming off of their most impressive performance of the year, well, for at least 50 minutes or so. I’m pretty excited for this game. The Ravens are possibly the second most banged up team defensively in the league, which is a good break for the Bills. Chris Mcalister is out, McNair is out, Ray Lewis may even sit this one out. That being the case, I have a feeling this could be the game that Lee Evans breaks out this season.

week07.pngHe hasn’t done much, but had 6 receptions against the Jets, even though he went back to one catch against Dallas. I think he’s got his best chance of breaking 100 yards and getting in the end zone this game. I expect Marshawn Lynch to have about the same type of game as he has been having, 80 yards or so and a score.

Kyle Boller is the QB for Baltimore. He just hasn’t produced in a long time and has a terrible road record. McGahee even averages about half as many yards per carry when Boller is handing him the ball. Buffalo’s corners should do just fine against Mason, Clayton, and Williams. Oh, Todd Heap is also likely sitting out. He’s one of the league’s top tight ends. After what Jason Whitten did to the Bills, this is a very good thing for Buffalo.

Possibly the most exciting part of this sure-to-be low scoring affair will be when the special teams units come out onto the field. These are arguably the best two special teams units in the league. Buffalo is first in punt return yards and 7th in kickoff return yards. Baltimore is third in punt return yards and first in kickoff return yards.

Last week, Baltimore sent five balls through the uprights for field goals against the St. Louis Rams. If the Rams can keep the Ravens out of the end zone all but one time, I expect Buffalo to not let them in once. Buffalo’s got a great red zone defense, so I expect a bunch of field goal attempts again.

In the end, I like this game for the Bills. It shouldn’t be a high scoring game at all, but the Bills have more going for them this week than the Ravens.

Prediction: Baltimore 12 | Buffalo 23

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