One Last Pregame Thought

One more thought here for you. Don’t let the 4-2 record of the Ravens and the 1-4 record of the Bills fool you. Here’s why:

Baltimore has won against NY Jets, Arizona, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Those records combine for a record of 6-17 at the moment. The teams they lost to are Cincinnati and Cleveland. Those teams combine for a record of 4-7. They haven’t played against a team with any kind of a respectable defense. Don’t expect much at all from their offense this week.

Buffalo beat the NY Jets, who are 1-5, not too impressive. But here’s who they’ve lost to: Denver, Pittsburgh, New England, and Dallas. Those teams have a combined record of 17-5. As we know, two of those games were lost after the game clock expired. Pittsburgh and New England won easily, all the other games were very close and looked like Bills victories.

What does this all mean? Buffalo has been seriously challenged this year and done okay. Baltimore has played non-playoff teams and also done just okay. The edge is heavily on Buffalo’s side.