Edwards to Start Against Baltimore

Just like coach Dick Jauron said, on Wednesday he made the decision who will start at quarterback for the next game. Due to JP Losman’s fresh injury, he has decided to start Trent Edwards for his third straight start. Edwards is very grateful to make his third start. He has played great so far and I expect him to only get better. He’ll be facing the toughest defense that he has seen as a starter. New England’s defense is arguably better than Baltimore’s, and Edwards did see his first playing time against them, so he should be comfortable against an impressive defense.

edwards01.jpgJP Losman, of course, wants to play, and has been urging the coaches to put him in. He respects their decision though and realizes that it’s the best move for the time being. In college, he came back from the same injury too soon and further hurt it, ending his chance of playing for the rest of the season. He doesn’t want to make that mistake again.

I think this is a great decision by Jauron. Edwards has proven to be an NFL quarterback in his starts, and like I said before, having two young quarterbacks competing to improve each week is never a bad thing. The two have great attitudes toward this situation and it should really help them each get better. Poor Craig Nall.

Source: Edwards Decision Not Permanent