Kevin Everett Walking Update

It’s been a while now since the last Kevin Everett update. I just read today that he has been walking with assistance as part of his rehab program. Here is a quote from the story at

Injured Bills player Kevin Everett has been able to walk to some extent as part of his rehabilitation after suffering a severe spinal cord injury during the team’s season opener, sources tell WIVB-TV in Buffalo.

Doctors in Houston, where Everett’s rehab has been ongoing since mid-September, are optimistic that once Everett completes his rehab he will regain his ability to walk independently, the station reports.

This is wonderful news. No more details were given about the remainder of his rehabilitation program, but he seems to be progressing daily. Even though the news has slowed down, the optimism of this story hasn’t. Keep at it Kevin, we’re all behind you.

Source: Report: Injured Bills tight end has walked ‘to an extent’