McGahee is Coming to Town

Well this weekend was a nice break from the stressful games that have been taking place for Buffalo this season. I’m sure it has also been a nice Sunday break for Bills’ defensive players as well, since they are so undermanned. This upcoming game should be another great one. I’ll save the preview for later, but I will say that I’m expecting good things. The Bills haven’t had to go on a road trip for a game in a month, so they should be pretty comfortable right now.

Of course, the focus of the upcoming game will be Willis McGahee’s return to Buffalo. While he played for the Bills, he put up decent numbers, but struggled to get into the end zone. He’s shown to be roughly the same player in Baltimore: a good solid running back that struggles to score. The Bills, on the other hand, now have a back who is putting up good yards but managing to score in three out of five games so far. Don’t expect Buffalo fans to give Willis a very kind welcome on Sunday. Willis expressed how he didn’t enjoy being in Buffalo, and no sports fans like to hear that from one of their teams’ players.

Last week the Bills were in a great mental place going into the Monday night game. This week, I’m hoping that they will remember all the success the defense had against Dallas, and stay excited to face Baltimore. Their offense has struggled throughout the year, and Buffalo has had one of the better red zone defenses in the league. With McGahee’s lack of red zone production over his career, I don’t expect him to run for six on Sunday. Looks like Matt Stover will have to just keep kicking field goals.

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