JP Losman Returns to Practice

Yesterday, October 10, JP Losman returned to practice with the Buffalo Bills. Trent Edwards did great in JP’s absence, and may still start against Baltimore. Coach Dick Jauron said that nothing has been decided yet as to who will start that game. JP was a bit tentative with his play, of course wanting to take extra care of his knee. Word is that he feels great, and is just happy to get back out on the field.

He’s got plenty of time to get strength back into the knee and get his rhythm back. In the video below, courtesy of, Lee Evans says that JP has earned the starting job, and really should be thrown to the bench because of Trent’s good performance. If anything, this excites me as a fan. I know JP and Trent both get along well, but you know there has to be some competition in both of them for that starting job. These situations usually seem to either break teams up, or make both players stronger. With the character of these two guys, I figure it will server the latter purpose, and we should see a better Bills offense throughout the remainder of the season.

With that, enjoy this short video showing JP back in action:
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