Dallas 25, Buffalo 24

Well, I’ve had a day now to get out of the mood that the last second loss put me in. I can’t imagine how the players feel. I’ve kind of gone over the game already, and I hope most people were watching, for it was one of the greatest regular season games I’ve ever seen. So I’ll take this chance to look at some positives and negatives of the game.

billieve01.jpgLet’s start with what weaknesses the Bills can take from this game and improve upon. First off, the offense finally had the ball longer than the opposition’s offense. That’s huge, but obviously not enough to win. Points need to come from offensive drives, period. Trent Edwards has put together some great drives in his short 2½ game career. Last night, he just made one unfortunately timed mistake when he was at the end of a great drive. There were many “if only” moments last night, so I won’t dwell on those. So this first point is that the Bills offense really needs to finish the drives with points.

Now, there are a lot of positive things to take from this game. The defense and special teams did awesome, with the one exception being the perfectly executed onside kick by Dallas. Great defense, great special teams. In the first three weeks, the Bills allowed over 100 rushing yards in each game. The last two weeks, they’ve allowed 60 and 76. Great improvement. We really can’t ask for anything more. The only thing I would hope for is to see that kind of energy in less hyped games throughout the season. They looked incredible out there!

Speaking of that emotion, Buffalo showed that they have what it takes on the inside to compete with any NFL team. They had third string guys in the secondary, and less than halfway through the first quarter, one of those players, George Wilson, picked off Tony Romo and ran it in for 6. Amazing work ethic and courage was on display last night. I hope they look at that game, realize what they are capable of doing, and try to match that focus and intensity each game for the remainder of the season.

Even with the devastating loss, even though many feel as though the Bills should be 3-2 right now, even with all the injuries, the Bills, I think, have a great season ahead of them. They can compete, they can work together, and they can win. They’ve got a bye week coming up, then Willis comes to town. I look forward to Willis continuing to avoid the end zones in Buffalo.