What It’s Like to be a Bills Fan

I usually do a game recap now, but I’m going to wait on this one until I’m in a stable mental state. Tonight’s game against Dallas was incredible. I guess I know how Arizona fans felt last year against Chicago. Here’s what I was doing during the game:

4th Down, Moorman fakes the punt and runs for a first down.
Yes!!! As soon as I see Moorman take the first step, I get up off the couch, shouted “Yeah!” and jump up and down when he gets the first down.

Moorman’s punt hits the corner perfectly.
Nice, I realize this is what the Bills need to do for a chance. I start hoping for a safety.

George Wilson intercepts Romo’s pass and runs it in for a touchdown. Bills up 7-0.
Laughing, screaming, jumping, yeah yeah yeah! Bills are up 7-0! All that pre-game hype and praise (over an hour) of Romo is out the window! Go Bills!

Crowell intercepts Romo’s pass.
More laughing and screaming, this time with clapping and hopes of another TD.

Romo to Witten for a TD. 7-7
Eh, that’s okay, knew it would happen. Just hoping Buffalo doesn’t let it bring them down.

Bills put together a great drive, end with a field goal. 10-7
Just happy to see the Bills put a scoring drive together on offense. Hoping the defense doesn’t do all the scoring.

Chris Kelsay tips another Romo pass and catches it for a touchdown! 17-7
Holy cow! I start yelling “Yeah!” again and again. Beginning to feel in disbelief that this is actually happening. The Bills are beating one of the hottest teams 17-10! Amazing!

Jabari Greer picks off yet another Romo pass, his fourth INT.
Wow! Jabari does it again. This time I call my Dad, a Cowboys fan, to ask if this is really happening. He says he changed the channel to a Friends rerun, and hangs up. I just laugh, this is GREAT!

Lindell misses a FG, Folk makes one. 17-10
Shoot. I was hoping for a 24-7 lead going into halftime. Bills still have decent momentum though. I’m a little worried about the second half, as the Bills are a first half team and Dallas is a second half team.

Another Folk field goal. 17-13
I get a text from Dad: “4 point game!” I text back “11 point game after this kickoff.” Dead serious on that one, I figured it was time for a special teams play. I also told my friend watching with me to look for a touchdown here.

Terrence McGee does what he does so well, 103 yard TD! 24-13
Haha! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woooo! I love that kid! Terrence is so fast, and we’ve got Roscoe too! Oh man, the Bills just might keep this up! Yeah!!!

Another Folk field goal. 24-16
It’s okay. No touchdown, that’s good. Let them keep knocking in field goals. Still happy.

Romo fumbles, Bills lineman Kyle Williams recovers.
Haha! Romo is having a complete collapse! I’m wondering when they’re going to pull him. I start thinking this is the greatest game ever!

Edwards throws an interception, it gets returned a LONG way.
Shoot. I was really thinking they’d get in the end zone on that one. Dang it. Great job by Lee Evans to chase it down, and Edwards almost snuck in to get the fumble at the end of the play. Time for another interception please. I text my Dad again “I love back to back interceptions. I’m ready for one here.”

After one play, Romo throws his fifth interception.
No way! Hahaha! I can’t believe it! This is way too good to be true. I showed the text to my friend watching the game. I’m 2 for 2 with predictions, sweet! Go Bills!

Bills go 3 and out, Romo drives the field and hits Crayton for a TD. 24-22
Uh oh. At least they still need a 2 point conversion. And even if they get that, it’s a tie. Come on Bills!

Greer defends TO perfectly, breaking up the 2 pointer.
I grabbed my blanket off the couch, threw it on the ground as I’m jumping up and down “They did it! Bills are gonna win!” Then I realize they’ll try an onside kick. I get a text from my Dad “Bills won, congratulations.” I text back “No jinx please.”

Onside kick is successful, Cowboys get a last second FG and win by 1. 24-25
Blank stare at the tv. Memories of what it’s like to be a Bills fan when they are playing Dallas on national TV. All my energy is gone, my throat hurts from screaming. I wouldn’t have noticed that if they had won. They lost. The Bills destroyed Romo, scored three touchdowns by defensive players, actually had the ball longer than Dallas, played a miraculous game, and lost. How did that happen? They’ve lost two games this year without trailing when time is on the clock. They should be 3-2, with only losses to the Steelers and Patriots. But now they are 1-4. Why? Why did this happen? Why?