Week 5: Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills

It’s almost here, the first Monday Night Football game in Buffalo in 13 years! This game has every indication that it may resemble the past two times the Bills and Cowboys met on such a large national stage. The Cowboys are arguably the second hottest team in football right now, trailing only the Patriots in impressive performances. On a side note, those two teams are meeting up in week 6, I can’t wait for that.

Bills vs. CowboysSo what can we expect in this game? First, let’s look at Dallas. With Tony Romo leading the team for what should be his first full season under center, the offense has been producing an average of 38 points per game. There are really no signs of them slowing down. The defense has been just as remarkable for Dallas this year. The NFL leader in interceptions, Anthony Henry is sitting this game out with a high ankle sprain. That’s good news for Trent Edwards. But that’s about the only weakness of Dallas right now.

The Bills are at the high point of their short season so far. They almost completely shut down the rushing game (although it wasn’t too strong anyway) of the Jets last week and pulled off their first W on the season. Plagued with injuries (Peerless Price and Kevin Harrison now will likely be added to the IR list), Buffalo has been forced to pull together tighter as a unit and try their best. Mentally, I think Buffalo is as strong as they’ve been all year going into this game. Some good injury news is that linebacker Keith Ellison should return to playing this week along with defensive end Anthony Hargrove. Hargrove was serving a 4-game suspension and will return to strengthen the effort against the rush.

Perhaps most notable is the move of strong safety Donte Whitner to free safety. Whitner has been very impressive in his short career, and against a great passing offense, he has a chance to show the nation just what he is capable of doing.

On offense, the Bills finally seem to have their passing game up and going. Both tight ends caught a number of balls last week, including a touchdown. This week, look for Lynch to get involved more in the passing game.

I expect a great first quarter of play for the Bills, possibly scoring even twice. After that, I don’t think they will be able to keep up with Dallas. I’m very excited about this game, but honestly don’t expect much more than a good effort by Buffalo.

Prediction: Dallas 27 | Buffalo 14

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