Notable 2007 Bills Games

Since the game against the Patriots may just leave us Bills fans wanting more, I figured I’d throw out some games to look forward to that still remain this season. So here goes.

  • Sept 23 at New England: Yes, I’ve pretty much written the Bills off on this game, but there still is a chance. And as we all know, stranger things have happened. I like to look at it this way. This is the first of 5 straight games against 2006 playoff teams. Even with a loss, they should be looking to improve quite a bit over that span to hopefully end the season well. So I’m going to be very optimistic to point out anything they do well this weekend.
  • Oct 8 vs Dallas: The first time the Bills will make a Monday Night Football appearance in 7 years! I was so excited when the schedule came out. Living in Utah, this is one of the only Bills games I’m sure to see. But why, oh why, does it have to be against Dallas? I remember a couple big games against Dallas that didn’t go too well. I think they were in January of 1993 and 1994. Well, at least this one’s in Buffalo.
  • Oct 21 vs Baltimore: This is a game against a tough opponent, but it should be closer than most would think for a couple reasons. It’s the third game in a 3 game home stand, which is the longest of the season. It comes after a bye week. So, the Bills will have been home for about a month, well rested, and coming off of a big Monday night game, I think they should be ready to contend with the Ravens. This is also Willis’ return to Ralph Wilson Stadium, but um, we all know he didn’t do all that great there in the past.
  • Nov 11 at Miami: Miami is the only AFC East team the Bills have been able to beat lately. On top of that, check out the prior 6 games: New England, NY Jets (twice), Dallas, Baltimore, and Cincinnati. All but the Bengals made the playoffs last year, and Cinci is was just on the verge of making it to the post season. The Bills will be used to seeing much stiffer competition, and if they can stay in the right state of mind, they should have a great showing against the Dolphins. This should be a good one.
  • Dec 2 at Washington: This marks the first time London Fletcher will face his old teammates. Chances are, he’ll do just fine against JP. It will also be Pierson Prioleau’s first time lining up against Buffalo since he went to the Skins. The Bills playoff hopes will probably be all but gone by now, so that should be what keeps us interested.
  • Dec 30 at Philadelphia: Another matchup with a former Bill – Takeo Spikes. Also like London Fletcher, I suppose the former Bill will have his way with the offensive line and JP. Could be a fun game to watch though. I actually think Buffalo may match up well with Philly.

I really hope that I’m underestimating the exciting moments of the season. Of course, whenever Lee Evans finally gets involved in the offense will be an exciting game. Marshawn Lynch’s first multi-touchdown game should be a good one. And if nothing else, we can watch those great special teams!