Pittsburgh 26, Buffalo 3

Oh boy, there really isn’t much good to say of this game. Buffalo went out and played an almost identical game to the last trip they took to Pittsburgh in 2005. The Bills defense was impressive, holding every red zone possession of the Steelers to a field goal in the first half. The special teams provided the offense great field position for each drive with McGee averaging 28 yards per return. The problem was that the offense just failed to do anything.

2007-09-16.jpgAfter the first half, Marshawn Lynch (38 rushing yards) had more offensive yards than JP Losman (23 passing yards). The one field goal that Buffalo managed to get came only after Terrence McGee’s 63 yard kickoff return put the Bills just outside of Rian Lindell’s range. They moved the ball a little, and set up a 24 yard field goal.

There really isn’t much more that needs to be said about the game I suppose. More positive notes all relate to clothing. The Steelers were wearing some throwback uniforms that looked great! The yellow helmets and old school styling on the clothing was a great change I think. The Bills, to show their support for recovering teammate Kevin Everett, each wore a shirt under their uniforms with Everett’s name and number. Kevin Everett was last reported as being able to move a few fingers. Just a week after the injury, that is a great sign. This year may turn into following Everett’s recovery and trying not to get to excited about watching the Bills defense and special teams try to get all the positive yardage for Buffalo.

Bills Record: 0-2
Buffalo vs Pittsburgh Box Score

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