Week 2: Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

Well, week 2 puts Buffalo back in Pittsburgh. I remember the last time the Bills played against the Steelers in 2004. It was the 15-1 year for Pittsburgh and the year of the late playoff push by Buffalo. The Bills had to win in order to have any chance at getting in the playoffs, and the Steelers were just resting their key players for most of the game. Even with those circumstances, Pittsburgh still dominated the game, it was heart breaking.

week02.pngThis year’s match up is too early in the season for either team to be resting. The Bills have a battered defense though, so they’ll be playing plenty of reserves anyway. That won’t help stop Willie Parker, who has improved both years so far in his short career. The Bills are weak against the run, and that has always been the strong point of Pittsburgh’s offense. Roethlisberger had a great game last week, but if his form from last year shows up at all, look for the Bills secondary to grab a ball or two. Even though they are thin back there, Terrence McGee is still lurking, and we all know if he gets the ball, he’s tough to catch.

On offense, Marshawn Lynch should be able to pound is way to another decent game. This is a tough rushing defense, but I think he’ll again show that he’s the real deal. The Bills need to get their passing game going this time around. Lee Evans only caught 2 passes last week, and I don’t expect him to stay at that level. He should be looking to take advantage of going up against some coverage that, at least, isn’t as good as the Bailey/Bly combo from last week.

Again, the special teams and red zone defense must show up big for this game. The special teams should put the offense in great position to start each drive, and the red zone defense has got to contain Pittsburgh to field goals. It’s a very tough task, but it can be done.

One bright spot is rookie Paul Posluszny. He had a great week one and will be playing in front of his home crowd. He grew up in Pennsylvania and played college ball at Penn State. He will have some locals cheering him on. Look for him to have a great game. With the Bills players trying to get a win for Kevin Everett, they will be trying their best, but I’m not sure if it will be good enough. I’m looking for another low scoring affair.

Prediction: Buffalo 10 | Pittsburgh 17
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