Update: Kevin Everett

Kevin Everett, the Bills’ tight end who suffered a terrible injury on Sunday in the home opener against the Denver Broncos is in our thoughts and prayers. Orthopedic surgeon Andrew Capuccino operated on Everett after the injury, removing bone chips and using some hardware to get his vertebrae back into their proper place. Everett is now in the Intensive Care Unit of Buffalo’s Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital.

Kevin EverettCappuccino addressed the press on Monday regarding the surgery and Everett’s outlook. The surgery went well, but damage to Everett’s spinal cord may prevent him from ever gaining complete neurological recovery. Everett was completely conscious before and after the surgery, said Cappuccino, and is fully aware of his situation. Cappuccino said he is warned to be an optimist, but to his patients, he is 100% truthful. He let Kevin know that the likelihood of his full physical recovery was bleak, giving an estimate of a 5% chance. Close care is needed for Everett as Cappuccino said that an injury of this nature may cause blood clotting, infection, and breathing failure. This is indeed a very serious, life-threatening injury.

Everett was just entering the third and most hopeful year of his short NFL career. He was drafted by Buffalo from the University of Miami. He suffered a knee injury in his first year. Last year he was used primarily on the Bills’ great special teams unit. This year the team had hopes of using Everett in games as a #2 tight end. He was improving and head coach Dick Jauron was excited to get him involved in the offense. At this point, it is not how many touches he will get, but his full physical recovery for which we are hopeful. I’m happy to hear that there is at least a chance of recovery. Stranger things have happened, and with the support and prayers of all football fans out there, he still has a chance of a full recovery.

In other Bills injury news, Ko Simpson and Jason Webster are both likely out for the entire season. Coy Wire is out indefinitely. Both Simpson and Webster had surgery on Monday to repair their injuries. Simpson with a broken ankle and Webster with a broken forearm. Wire injured his MCL.

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