Everett’s Outlook Improving

Great news has just come from the medical staff involved with the injury of Kevin Everett. After backing off the heavy sedation that had been administered to Everett, it was found that he is now able to move his arms and legs voluntarily. Doctors say that this kind of movement so soon after a spinal injury is a great sign that he will likely be able to walk again. It may not be sooner than months down the road, but his chances have greatly improved from the initial 5% to walk again.

It was a modern medical breakthrough that helped Everett sustain less damage than he may have taken in the past. Dr. Andrew Cappuccino put Everett in a state of “modest hypothermia” which is explained as putting an ice pack on the injured spinal cord area. This helped prevent more damage that may have been caused due to swelling and movement. Bills owner Ralph Wilson has been donating millions of dollars to support the Miami project, which is the name given to the research of this technology, over the entire life of the project for the past two decades.

I don’t think I’m alone with my joy to hear about this improvement. It comes so quickly that it is really a miraculous turn around of his condition. I’ll try to keep this blog up to date on Kevin as he faces a tough, but optimistic, road through rehab to recovery.

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