2007 Was A Wild Year

Well, I have slacked quite a bit on this blog, I apologize to any readers about that. The Bills finished the season at 7-9, which is 2 wins shy of what my most optimistic prediction. Considering everything that they went through this year, that is pretty impressive.

Kevin Everett has recovered to the point where he is now walking under his own strength. That is by far the best story of the season, just the fact that he overcame a possible life threatening injury.

This season marked the emergence of many rookies for the Bills, with a few shining above the rest. Trent Edwards earned a permanent job at the starting QB position with rookie sensation Marshawn Lynch at running back. Paul Posluszny got injured early in the season, but he showed a lot of promise as the possible future core of the Bills’ defense.

So, all in all, I consider it a good year. Even if the Bills had made the playoffs, it really just would’ve ended up in disappointment, and they’d have got a later draft pick. They ended up with the 12th pick in the 2008 draft. They can get another solid player at that position, and if everybody’s healed up, next year should be fun. I’m hoping for a year like my other favorite team, which is in the NBA, the Blazers. Both teams have a lot of smart young players who have shown great promise.

Marv Levy has now resigned, and getting a new team president always affects the team. Let’s hope that his replacement will be able to affect the team for the better. I may post on and off during the offseason. In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my sunny new home in Florida!

Week 16: New York Giants at Buffalo

It should be another good close game. Kevin Everett will return to Orchard Park for the game. It will be his first time at a game since the scary injury earlier this year. A coincidence is that Domenik Hixon, the player who Everett tackled to sustain the injury, has recently been signed by the Giants, and will also be in attendance. I hope that they give the two players a minute to be recognized by the crowd. I really hope that Hixon doesn’t get booed, as he was not at all to blame for the injury. He has shown nothing but class since the incident, and I think it’s great that he will be able to see Kevin back at a game.

Now, for the game. It’s a game where the crowd should be pretty involved, as Eli Manning is an easy player to hate. Their style of play, I think, lends itself to the Bills’ defensive strengths. Look for a few picks to be thrown by Eli and the Bills to put up a good fight in this one. The Giants are known to choke late in the season, and Buffalo would love to help them hold up that reputation.

It’s not likely a matter of making the playoffs for the Bills this year, but they would certainly like to finish the season strong. I think they will be able to come out on top in this game with the emotional boost of having Kevin back in the stadium.

Prediction: New York 16 | Buffalo 28

Buffalo 0, Cleveland 8

Well it was a fun game to watch if you like watching games in bad weather. The only problem was that there wasn’t much offense. Jamal Lewis ran all over the Bills D and put Cleveland in position to get a couple field goals and win the game. Brian Moorman continued to show why he’s the greatest punter in the league. He’s smart and quick. He ran a fake punt again for another first down, but then had to attempt a punt after the Bills couldn’t produce a first down. When the ball got snapped over Brian’s head, he didn’t mess around with trying to pick the ball up, he just did the smart thing and booted it out of the end zone.

So now the Bills are out of the playoffs. I’m not sure if they’re mathematically eliminated, but they are out of the race logically. It was a great season I’d say. I was being very optimistic when I predicted a 9-7 record, and it still looks like they may hit that mark. They have 2 NFC East opponents left though, who want to win for position in the post season. I think the Bills will win at least one of the 2. The Giants are known to choke late in the season, so we’ll see.

Week 15: Buffalo at Cleveland

This is a big game. Cleveland can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Tennessee loss today. Buffalo really needs to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Winter is here, there will be a lot of wind and low temperatures in Cleveland today.

This is a tough game to call. Both teams are very hungry for this win. The Bills offense has shown that it can run again as of late, which will probably be the best way to move the ball forward in today’s conditions. Cleveland is one of the league’s worst teams against the pass though, so if Trent Edwards can find Lee Evans a time or two down field, they could be good for 6.

I think the Bills will take this one. They beat the Bengals, and I kind of put Cincinnati and Cleveland in the same boat this year. Good offense, not so much on defense.

Prediction: Buffalo 19 | Cleveland 12

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Miami 17, Buffalo 38

Now that’s how the Bills should play against the Dolphins! Trent Edwards threw four touchdown passes and no interceptions. Both Bills running backs, Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, ran for over 100 yards. The defense forced 5 turnovers. Man that was a good game!

Lee Evans had a big day, but only had 2 catches. Both catches went for 6, but I would have liked to see him get the ball more. Other than that, the Bills played great! I just hope they can keep this up for the remainder of the season.

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Week 14: Miami at Buffalo

Miami is in town today for the season rematch against the Bills. Miami is desperate for a win, but they are pretty banged up. Buffalo, of course, is plenty banged up as well, but there is some good news in the area. Marshawn Lynch will likely return today. He has been practicing with the team and apparently his ankle is feeling better.

week10.pngLast time these two met, it was one of the most boring games of the year. It came down to a somewhat exciting finish when Lindell hit the game winning field goal in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. Today, with Edwards and Lynch starting together, I’m hoping for a more potent offense from Buffalo. It will be tough though.

It’s another tough game to call, but I really feel like Buffalo will continue with their recent dominance over Miami. If Buffalo wins out for their final 4 games, I figure they have a great shot at making the playoffs. If they lose one and finish 9-7, they’ll have to have a lot of other things go exactly their way to make it in. So, go Bills!

Prediction: Miami 9 | Buffalo 20

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Crowell and Lindell Are Good

This is yet another post on the road, part of a coast-to-coast, Oregon to Florida trip. I’ll be back on the road soon, but I figured I’d throw up a bit about a couple Bills players.

Check out this story on Angelo Crowell. He’s good, he’s real good. He’s putting up pro bowl numbers as an outside linebacker.

Also, Rian Lindell, the Bills kicker, was named AFC special teams player of the week for his 5 field goals including the game winner.

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Buffalo 17, Washington 16

Alright, the Bills got their second straight victory (separated by 2 losses) on a game winning field goal! I’m on the road at the moment, so this will be a nice short post. Buffalo’s defense did well, getting a safety early on. That proved to be the difference in a game where Rian Lindell had a great day, going 5-5 on field goals, including his 10th game winning field goal.

The end of the game was typical of this year. Lindell kicked a 51 yarder for the win, but Skins coach Joe Gibbs had called a time out right before the snap. So Buffalo was set to do it again, then Gibbs called another time out. You can’t do that, so Washington got penalized 15 yards, and Lindell only had to kick a 36 yarder for the win, which he did.

There wasn’t a lot of offense in the game, but Buffalo had a pair of big plays – a nice bobbling catch by Lee Evans and a big run after a catch by Fred Jackson.

This is great news for Buffalo. It’s looking like they could end up around the 9-7 record I’ve been feeling for them. But, making the playoffs would almost be more devastating than missing them this year. They’d likely face a team like Pittsburgh in the first round, which they might win, but then go on to see Indy or New England. That probably wouldn’t work out too well.

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Week 13: Buffalo at Washington

There was a game played by the Dolphins and Giants in London earlier this season. This week, the Bills travel to London, not the city, but the former Buffalo Bill, London Fletcher. You’d better believe London will have his crew fired up. With the recent tragic loss of Sean Taylor and with London’s old team coming to town, the charismatic linebacker is sure to be emotionally charged this week. Fletcher isn’t the only former Bill playing for Washington these days, remember Pierson Prioleau? He’ll be there too.

week13.pngOn the Buffalo side of the ball, it’s another interesting week. Both Lynch and Thomas will be out, putting the running game in the hands of two rookies, Fred Jackson and Dwayne Wright. I always look forward to seeing new running backs get a chance. That seems to be the position with the greatest breakout performance ability. Of course, the Bills’ passing game is in the hands of another rookie, but one with experience, Trent Edwards.

This will be a tough game where the crowd and opposing team will be very emotionally involved. The Bills have a tough task up against them in planning for this game where the home town has lost a loved one. With the way Buffalo has been playing lately, and Washington’s equally streaky play, I think the Skins may have the edge in this one. I originally chalked this one up as a win, but things have changed. One thing I will say is if the Bills win, it will probably be because Lee Evans had another big game.

Prediction: Buffalo 12 | Washington 17

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Marshawn Lynch and Kenny Mayne

Oh how I love Kenny’s stuff on ESPN. This is a great play off of a Willis McGahee quote about how boring life is in Buffalo.

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